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(Phoenix) AMG INC is able to tailor an airport management solution to suit the size and requirements of your airport – regardless of its location. Ensuring the operation of an airport is safe, compliant and well managed is vital to the success of any airport.

It is imperative that all aspects of an airport are run as efficiently and safely as possible no matter what its size. Phoenix understands the vital link that airport operations provide to the aviation world as well as the general public. Airport operations must not only deliver operational continuity; but also manage community relations, comply with government regulations and provide the operational flexibility needed by resource sector customers during rapid expansion phases.

We are proud to be involved in your community.

We participate in:

- local COPA Groups (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association),
- local High school and College co-op placements at the airport,
- local events that promote the airport such as fly-ins, car and plane shows and any event that promotes the airport to the public and tax payers,
- attracting local groups to rent the facility for meetings to generate income and exposes them to the airport and brings awareness to the facility.

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This article explains exactly what a Fixed Base Operator can do for you! https://blog.privatefly.com/us/fbos-fixed-base-operators

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